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Signs of stress in youth can show up in a number of ways:

1. Irritability and anger:

Children don't always have the words to describe how they are feeling and sometimes tension bubbles over into a bad mood. Stressed-out kids and teens might be more short-tempered or argumentative than normal.

2. Changes in behavior:

A young child who used to be a great listener is suddenly acting out. A once-active teen now doesn't want to leave the house. Sudden changes can be a sign that stress levels are high.

3. Trouble sleeping:

A child or teen might complain of feeling tired all the time, sleep more than usual or have trouble falling asleep at night.

4. Neglecting responsibilities:

If an adolescent suddenly drops the ball on homework, forgets obligations or starts procrastinating more than usual, stress might be a factor.

5. Eating changes:

Eating too much or too little can both be reactions to stress.

6. Getting sick more often:

Stress often shows up as physical symptoms. Children who feel stress often report headaches or stomachaches, and might make frequent trips to the school nurse's office.

Through mindfulness , Kids and Teens learn how to manage their stresses , and enhance their self-resilience.

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