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Mindfulness can change your life.

Welcome to  hashtagmindfulnessiscool.

It is an invitation to join a community of people dedicated to raising awareness of Mindfulness in our daily life. Especially for our children.

You can join us by purchasing  the items here.

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About hashtagmindfulnessiscool

Mindfulness practice helps most of us break free from the mental “traps” that cause recurring conflicts in our lives and relationships.

 In particular, for children and adolescents whose brain is growing rapidly, it will be a stepping stone to balance their lives.

 With this mental health campaign, we seek to call for action on two fronts.

 One introduces that mindfulness training is not simply religious, but training for the integration of a healthy brain and a healthy mind.

 Through mindfulness, our children develop the brain's ability to control emotions, attention, thoughts, and behaviors,

 It helps you feel more connected to others, develops emotional balance and the strength to overcome trials.

  On the other hand, it raises the necessary funds to promote mindfulness for children and young people.


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 The maumsarang counseling center /mindfulness center


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